Man Flu

Got the man-flu for the last 36 hrs or so.

I gotta say that it sucks & I’m worried it may cause permanent injury. Because I am awesome (& humble) it probably won’t kill me. But it has caused issues with me playing my FPS games at night.

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Practical Apps

After upgrading to an iPhone4 I started installing some apps, of which I have about 100 so far. This got me thinking as to what I need (or hope to not need).

So far on my list (in no particular order)
1) First Aid by St John’s Ambulance Service. I hope to never use this app but it seems a cheap price for the insurance it provides.
2) Google – for obvious reasons as it saves loading Safari
3) Shazam (or SoundHound)
4) Social media – Twitter, Facebook & other sites generally have their own app
5) TweetDeck is an ‘app’ I use on my laptop & it works as well on the iPhone
6) WordPress allows me to post this easily
7) Beachsafe by the Surf Life Savers is great for checking the beaches with some having webcam
8) Parkpatrol allows for tracking and adding the location of parking cops
9) NRMA roadside assistance is one I hope I don’t need and can easily be unused due to calling rather using an app but it is still a great app
10) Skype
11) Torch
12) Wikipedia
13) WeatherZone because I think its better than the built in app as it is more accurate and shows the BOM radar
14) Dragon Dictation because there is nothing better than talking out loud and seeing the words appear on a screen
15) Bump because it’s easy to use and works

So what apps do you use & what would you say I missing?

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Coding and other stuff

I was working on a website I look after a bit which has a pretty cool Joomla component/module in it PreachIt. This module appeared to have a simple error where it doubled up a small piece of code that called the module.
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Floods, Insurance & Property investors.

Today I read a post from Neil Jenman.

Unfortunately I have to disagree with some of the idea’s which he seems to advocate. I agree with helping out mates & think there is a lot that we can do to help people but unfortunately I don’t agree with some of his statements. Continue reading “Floods, Insurance & Property investors.” »

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Disaster has struck

Nothing makes me more sad than hearing about disaster striking large area’s. So when I look at the news recently & then again this morning all I hear is about destruction & it’s spreading. Continue reading “Disaster has struck” »

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