Almost iPad time..

So here is some pics

The crowd.


Closing up so they can get mine ready.


He’s hiding something! 20110325-032050.jpg

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iPads & Shopping

Shopping is such a funny thing to do. We paw and slobber over stuff that we think we want and need.
Well today I am waiting in line for an iPad. Waiting for something I promised myself on my birthday in January.
Do I need it? Probably not although I tell myself I do for any number of reasons including :
It will help me develop / test apps & my favorite justification – so my wife doesn’t use my laptop all the time.

That one is semi-legit (I feel) because that laptop has a lot of work for clients and school and I don’t want it damaged.
There I go with the justification again.

Anyway, I’ve been in line about 2.5 hrs so far

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New Technology – is it really invention ?

When someone creates a “new technology” how much of this is really just innovation & adaptation? These days I find that most of what people call “new” is really just a minor piece being added to an existing product or service. Is it then truly new? What is it that makes it new?
In my personal opinion for something to be new requires a certain amount of inventiveness. When a product is created it may be a new product but how much of it actually “new” & how much is really just the same with a different flavour, packet or other cosmetic change.

When it comes to technology it gets even harder. Why ? Because when you are dealing with an idea it gets more difficult to quantify it as new. Also there is a very tight overlap between an existing product or idea & a new way of producing it or a newly invented piece that can be placed into the product. Then you also have “programs” which get invented. This is a contentious area currently & can be fought well by others. One side is for patents in software & another side are not.

The idea is rather simple – when utilising a language (which programs are built in) you are not able to own the variations in that language. When a new program is written it is only written within the bounds of the language it is composed in. This is the thoughts behind no patents for programs. I’m not saying you can’t own it, sell it etc.

Now I understand that music is in the same category and you don’t see them patenting and launching court battles.

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Now I’ve done it

Now I’ve done it. Really done it.

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Man Flu

Got the man-flu for the last 36 hrs or so.

I gotta say that it sucks & I’m worried it may cause permanent injury. Because I am awesome (& humble) it probably won’t kill me. But it has caused issues with me playing my FPS games at night.

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