Are you keeping up? Does the cloud work for you?

Over the years the subscription model has been very popular and pushed more & more by businesses. It all started with software manufacturers and was turned into a super-model by Bill Gates with his Microsoft Windows and other assorted software.

Now with “cloud” based services coming online & easier to use by the mainstream there is even more subscription services coming online every day. My latest favourite is a FREE (as in beer) model which works on an unusual affiliation/advertising model. The company is Wave Accounting and they offer their product for free but have some small amount of advertising on their page with offers that are suitable for small businesses.

It is a unique model, used successfully for a lot of other services but this is the first time I have seen a “premium” style service (accounting software) utilise this model.

Having currently looked at a number of different software for accounting, including

  • XERO which I currently have an account on but will probably be cancelling shortly;
  • FreshBooks which integrated beautifully with both systems but I found works better with Wave (funnily enough a free service appears to be better with this than a paid service) & has a great API system;
  • Saasu which I will re-look at shortly but will probably not use due to it being quite large & I like the KISS method myself.

Overall I find that there is so many different systems out there that there is much research to be done. I went with one based on what I heard from others but now may be changing shortly.

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What does it take to be the best?

Marcus skiing stitch

When I was younger I had a ski coach who was different. I mean really different. Most coaches were Austrian or Swiss but this was an Aussie from Wollongong.He looked as comfortable on the beach as he did on the snow & his name was Jimbo (actually James but you know…).

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Syncing multiple calendars including Facebook & Google

Like a lot of other people I have multiple places where events & calendars are getting stored. What about you – do you have Facebook, Google & maybe a third or fourth calendar location such your work or home calendar program?  FYI – I use iCal on my Mac.

Have you ever wondered how to sync events from Facebook with other systems… eg. your calender program or with Google Calendar.I did & it took me a little while but eventually I made Facebook link to Google Calendar & Google Calendar is used in my iCal program. (I could have linked my Facebook Events directly into the program.)

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Open source can mean business!

So far there is (and I suspect always will be) a tussle between open source “software” and proprietary. The common themes are

  • Which is better?
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of X?
  • Which one costs more?
  • Which should I use? Why?
  • Which should I not use? Why not?
  • etc

The big question I get a lot is “Why should I care?”

Good questions all of them but my favourite is most definitely the last one.

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Big bad beautiful baby

Recently I picked up a new car… a super sexy gas guzzling machine from the US of A. I figured it’s my little way of saying “Thank you” for making my money worth more in their country & other locations that take the US dollar (eg. South East & Central Asia). Fuel consumption sticker for Jeep Cherokee

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