Contact Information

Since I have started the site & a foray into online games etc I figure people should be able to contact me. Tell me about yourself, especially if you come from outside of Australia & stumble on this site!
A forum webpage will be up at some stage, but why wait for it?
You can contact me via email email marcusATherstikDOTcom
MSN messenger mherstik@hotmail
ICQ # 7213325 - I will need to authorise you.
If that isn't enough for you, then use one of them to request a voice or fax number, atleast until the V2 website comes out that has business contacts details etc.

Well, this site is just a starter for what I think will turn into a reasonable site.
I currently work for one of the large telecommunications companies in Australia in their call centre.

BTW- this WHOLE SITE was coded in notepad.

Thanks for viewing the site & caring enough to see if you can contact me.

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