Gotta be quick

I’m writing this on my phone (in the WP app).

Not my new phone as that hadn’t arrived yet. In fact my new one was only released from the local supplier over the weekend. (This was originally written in April 2020.)

I ordered it pre-release, but not as far earlier as you may think. I ordered it on the 16th April and it was supposed to be available on the 18th.

But here’s the kicker.

I got it cheaper than those buying as of now – 2 days later, who supposedly get a free set of wireless earbuds (which by the way I still received).

And I’m not talking $5 here. Or even $20.

I’m talking $300. Now that’s a lot for free headphones.

Sure I’m not getting them but I’ve got free headphones. I already own some.

How did I do this? I bought them.

Oh the phone?

I was lucky. Seriously lucky.

I was keeping an eye on the site and was almost ready to buy the old new one. You know, the one that came out 6 months ago and is still great but not quite as great as the one they announced a week after you could actually buy the one I was looking at. Because there is always a new one just about to be released.

Well my wife got sick of me fighting with my phone to charge every night. Apparently the screen lighting up half a dozen times telling me it’s fast charging and then going off again was disturbing her while she was getting ready to go to sleep. That and my grumbling. She also said we’d had last drinks called a while ago and the disco’s shut in the 80’s.

Or maybe she didn’t. I was tired and wanted to sleep but my phone wouldn’t charge.

Anyway, she told me to just buy a new one as she knows I’ve been looking at them.

Then came the obligatory talk about the different options and pricing available. It wasn’t a long one but it was spread over a few days and in that time the new new one was put on the website with a price.

It was more than my original budget but still cheaper than the equivalent top end Samsung or even OnePlus for that matter.

She asked a few questions, cut through the crap and said ‘It sounds like you want this one and it’s pretty good. Just buy it!’

So I did. And yesterday it arrived.

It’s a lovely phone, with a great screen and all the latest hotness.

  • 5G
  • Snapdragon 865
  • 90hz screen
  • 8GB ram
  • 256GB storage
  • 104MP camera with 8K video
  • Liquid cooling
  • Stereo speakers (who knew that would be a thing again?)

Anyway. That’s it. I got it cheaper because I jumped at the right time, which is also when my wife said to. Lucky me.

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