Syncing multiple calendars including Facebook & Google

Like a lot of other people I have multiple places where events & calendars are getting stored. What about you – do you have Facebook, Google & maybe a third or fourth calendar location such your work or home calendar program?  FYI – I use iCal on my Mac.

Have you ever wondered how to sync events from Facebook with other systems… eg. your calender program or with Google Calendar.I did & it took me a little while but eventually I made Facebook link to Google Calendar & Google Calendar is used in my iCal program. (I could have linked my Facebook Events directly into the program.)

How about trying this.

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click on your “Events” item on the left.Facebook Events
  3. Down the bottom click on the “Export” link. This will open a new small window over the top.Facebook Export
  4. Copy the link you have there (try right-click on the link & choose “Copy Link”).Facebook Export Link(This link is missing a bit off the end as otherwise you’d have my calendar because it isn’t secured…)
  5. Open either Google docs (or your other calendar program.).
  6. Where it says “Other Calendars” click on the little down arrow & choose “Add by URL”.Google Calendar import
  7. Paste the URL into the box.Google Calendar import box
  8. Click the “Add Calendar” button & you are done.

That’s it .. you are done. Next post I will show how to add your Google calendar to iCal.

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