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I have been asked to speak at another engagement at a Master Class on the northern beaches about IT planning for small business. So far the schedule is a little hazy for me and I am just working out what the topic’s I will specifically be talking about.

Whilst speaking time is always the constraint. There is so much information that the attendees are hoping for combined with the area’s that I as a speaker think it important. Last time I was a little surprised at the way time flew plus unfortunately it got a little constrained due to the way speaking within a range of speakers has a tendency to produce inefficiency.

These sorts of issues has made me think a little differently about ways to make sure that participants get what they want. What’s my big plan? To make it a little more democratic of course!
I plan to offer the attendee’s a number of topics and they can rank them in order of importance to them rather than me arbitrarily assigning some form of importance to each topic or just following a standard procedure of start->finish / beginning->end style talk.

This got me thinking about the way current talks take users on a journey and how the best talks I have seen always end up taking a different route. They use case-studies and examples but they also do things like get attendee participation.

That, to me anyway, is how a small business owner needs to be talked to. Not taken to school.

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