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There is a first time for everything, and tonight was my first time being interviewed for a podcast. Yep – I am not a virgin interviewee anymore, unless you count job interviews (and I haven’t had one of those for about 5 years with my last serious one being about 10 years ago). Please allow me to digress a moment.

My last “job interview” was for a bar job because I wanted to get out of the house a bit more and a friend of a friend told me that there was a job going at a pretty cool place near Rose Bay (in Sydney Australia near Bondi). Working a lot with computers, IT and the internet makes you a bit insulated if you aren’t careful. It finally hit a peak when I went to the corner store in my boxers and Ugg boots.
The store lady, who knew me quite well at that point, suggested I get fully dressed before venturing out again. At that point it occurred to me to get a job outside of the house for just a few hours a week to keep me sane.

Back to the main event.
Tonight I was interviewed for a writer friend of mine, Rob Farquhar, who works for the Cairns Post (in Cairns… who’d have guessed) and writes sometimes on PunchOnAustralia as well as his own blog. I listen to some podcasts, which is what this interview is going to be diced and spliced for (aka edited) and I found it to be a very fun and interesting activity to be involved in.

There is a certain amount of skill I believe that is required to be an interviewer and Rob definitely did well with this.  There was good little outline of about 5 points which I think worked well. It was open enough to allow some digression and free-form discussion whilst also providing a modicum of direction. In the podcasts I listen too this is far more my preferred style than a carefully crafted interview and to me is one of the reasons people like David Letterman and others in his ilk (eg. Rove McManus) have done so well.

I have always always wanted to do more with the podcasting genre, especially with some that are more controversial or even left-field in nature. So it got me thinking about doing some more speaking myself including podcasting. Last year I did a talk on Northern Beaches of Sydney for a Small Business Masters Series discussing the use of the internet for businesses including such things as websites, SEO, cloud computing and other things. It was a large topic without too much time really devoted to it, which was a little disappointing for me as well as some of the people who attended. I could have talked for about thrice the time that I did.

This got me thinking, which can be dangerous for those that know me.

What about doing a speaking series, discussing the points I both know about (handy that… huh?) as well as area’s that businesses currently seem to want to know about? That is what I would call a good match.
So, based on the e-book I have written, combined with previous discussions with both clients and friends and market requirements I will be starting to put together a speaking series.
I also would like to get more of a podcasting profile going, but may need to meditate on this a little more until I have some clear idea as to where and what I can talk about, plus it may be an idea to have more than one person on the podcast. As much as I like the sound of my own voice I am sure that others may not, and really that is who this is for.

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  1. Oh, by the way: It took a month, but the interview is live!

  2. Seriously, mate, it was good fun interviewing you – and I have to admit, I lost my cherry as an interviewER with you too!

    Wherever we go from here, we’ll always have that moment…

    And hey, if you need a co-host… 😀

  3. Bugger it! I’m gonna have to get cranking on the edit now…

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