You know it was a great weekend when ….

You know it was a great weekend when you…

  1. Drink champagne overlooking Sydney Harbour with friends
  2. Lose a phone
  3. Win some money
  4. Have breakfast at “City Extra”
  5. Watch the sun rise from a cab ride home
  6. Get pizza for lunch & other junk for later
  7. Get a new phone
  8. Go for a drive
  9. Have a lovely picnic
  10. Have a fantastic Japanese tepan-yaki meal
  11. Get to bed before 11pm ready for Monday
  12. Wake up refreshed & take the dog for a walk before starting the week!


That was my weekend.  It was a pretty darn awesome weekend. Honest!! I would show you the pics but it was so great I lost my phone. Yep, it was one of those.

It started with a few drinks at the Shangri La overlooking the city. Steff’s mum was there & a friend Pete for some birthday drinks as well as Steff himself. It was a great time had by all, with some Moet flowing early & some espresso based martini’s towards the end. Mmmmm … yummy!

Then a quick lift to the casino for some more drinks & a few games. The name of the game was Roulette that night with everyone jumping on a few different tables until we found one we liked. I did ok & won some money whilst I think my wife lost some & I’m not sure about Steff. I hope he did ok but the main thing was that we had a heap of fun, which we did.

After that it was time for some breakfast at about 5am. Where else but City Extra at Circular Quay ? It’s not the first time I’ve had such a late night snack that it was breakfast and it probably won’t be the last. There was no more alcohol by this stage, which was good ’cause we were very close to dawn by the time this was over & a cab ride home was obtained.


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