iPads & Shopping

Shopping is such a funny thing to do. We paw and slobber over stuff that we think we want and need.
Well today I am waiting in line for an iPad. Waiting for something I promised myself on my birthday in January.
Do I need it? Probably not although I tell myself I do for any number of reasons including :
It will help me develop / test apps & my favorite justification – so my wife doesn’t use my laptop all the time.

That one is semi-legit (I feel) because that laptop has a lot of work for clients and school and I don’t want it damaged.
There I go with the justification again.

Anyway, I’ve been in line about 2.5 hrs so far

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  1. Well, just to justify it more I’m glad I got 2 ’cause Gretchen doesn’t stop using hers.
    You know you love to hate me & my toys… LOL

  2. Justify it all you like; I still hate you, sir.

    Freakin’ iPad owners…

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