Disaster has struck

Nothing makes me more sad than hearing about disaster striking large area’s. So when I look at the news recently & then again this morning all I hear is about destruction & it’s spreading.

So far we have Queensland just about getting over the floods, Victoria bracing for floods, Western Australia has dealt with massive fires & the area in between (South Australia) also bracing for some flooding.


So what the heck is going on & how did this happen, how can a major city be flooded without much warning?

I remember the bushfires in Victoria from 2009 & the lack of warning that had such dreadful consequences. Now we have a warning system that apparently the authorities were using. People have been evacuated & sandbags etc were used.
What I find pretty disgusting is that insurance companies, always on the look out for a “get-out” clause are apparently not going to pay out some people because floods aren’t covered. You also have the government giving out a few thousand dollars to people, which is pretty paltry when you have nothing.
Imagine having to buy food, clothing & other necessary things for immediate use for a family of 4. How far does that money go? I would estimate not too far.

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