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I was working on a website I look after a bit which has a pretty cool Joomla component/module in it PreachIt. This module appeared to have a simple error where it doubled up a small piece of code that called the module.

After some quick research on their forum I decided to post a notice stating that I had an issue, describing the issue & then after checking another post a little later that day I found a bit of an answer. So I checked the code, changed it and then tested it. Woo hoo!! It worked!

So what’s this post about?

After testing the solution, partly courtesy of someone else, I then went back and updated my post including putting a copy of the files for others to use if required. This is not the first time that I have asked a forum for a solution but it is the first time I replied to myself with the solution and offered this to others.

Why? I’m not too sure. Normally I get solutions from others or find what I need (oh… the power of google) and then continue on. I’m a little proud of the fact that I updated the post myself as I felt like (hopefully) I was helping others.

Then the kicker – the developer of the component replies to me & says basically… “hey, I updated this a little while ago with this fix. Glad you sorted it out though. BTW – here’s a link to the updated modules.”

Funny thing is, the module appears to be the updated one, but the date of 2 weeks ago is later than the version I have even though they share the same version number.

Oh well. At least it’s working.

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