Breakfast @ Manly

Went down to Manly with my wife & a good mate.

my mateThe plan was to have a bite to eat & drink a coffee or 2 at the Pantry Manly then go for a ride to Narrabeen. The idea was two-fold, check out his new bike (2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650)  & to get some sausages from a darn good butcher.

The breakfast was awesome with a great view and some waves to be caught by a cadre of surfers who were out there. 

Manly Beach

The beach at Manly on 26th March 2011

They did a great coffee & I had some nice scrambled eggs, home-made beans & all the other accoutrement one would expect with a big breakfast. I ordered a side of chorizo to go with it & again they didn’t disappoint with a nice spicy flavour but not over-powering.

The others also had great food & didn’t mind the slightly higher than normal prices compared to the usual cafe’s. It’s more like a breakfast restaurant than a cafe. I think it’s because this is not your usual breakfast spot – this is the cafe you have been waiting for with the view you’ve been looking for.

Yep, it’s that good. In fact so good that my mate said we should do this once a month, to which I agree.

We then went to our bikes and rode out into the rain up the beaches while my wife drove home for some time in the home alone.

We had a nice ride, which wasn’t too long & we didn’t get too wet. The butcher we went to is “Brot and Wurst” up in Narrabeen. They make a mean sausage, some Leberkase (that reminds me of my old german butcher from the snowy mountains) plus they bake great bread and fresh pretzels. They’ve won awards & stuff this place has both from the SMH Good Food Guide and others.

After that we returned home, had a german pilsner & a pretzel then he rode home.

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