Big bad beautiful baby

Recently I picked up a new car… a super sexy gas guzzling machine from the US of A. I figured it’s my little way of saying “Thank you” for making my money worth more in their country & other locations that take the US dollar (eg. South East & Central Asia). Fuel consumption sticker for Jeep Cherokee

Yep, she can chew up to 17.4 litres per hundred kilometers. I am doing a fair bit better than this at the moment but I figure it’s nice to know that when I put the foot down an oil baron in Saudi Arabia just sent another child to Oxford.

But aside from the petrol issues, which I think may also combat some of these tree-hugging hippies efforts to reduce carbon emissions (hey… someone has to keep the balance), it is really nice to drive & has the kinds of things that only large people who drive a lot think of putting in a car such as super large drink holders that will swallow a large coffee cup up to the lid. I assume this is to take a super sized BigGulp.

The Super Big GulpIt’s pretty big but not the biggest… they go up to 3.8L

So is the car… but mine came in black.cherokee

Pretty sweet huh…

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