BBQ & beer bellies.

I took the wife & dog up to the Blue Mountains over the weekend to hang with a mate for his birthday, along with 10 or so other people he had invited.

The cabins were great and I must say that having one for my little family away from the other riff-raff was nice & added that holiday feel to the weekend. We had nice views over the district which when combined with a glass of wine in front of the fire on the couch just made my weekend feel like it should never end. With a combustion fire going all day and night I know my carbon footprint was a size 32 compared to my usual 12 but “Chriso” (who cuts the wood) advised that he gets about 150 tonnes of wood off the property every year without damaging the environment, with enough left to provide some to households in the surrounding area.

There was tonnes of food & even more to drink which always makes for a great time which only gets better when you hang around a roaring fire which combines well with beer being consumed. We all know alcohol & fire don’t mix well so thankfully nothing happened to prove that correct. Of course there was much meat roasted on fires & hotplates, it’s the sort of thing that makes a man feel like he’s gone back in time . It was exactly what the doctor ordered, not that I have been to mine recently.

The feasts that we had were impromptu and got bigger as the weekend went on with the big birthday feast having 4 types of meat cooked 6 ways (chicken, lamb roast and cutlets, roast beef and pork chops and sausages) as well as 3 salads, 5 types of veggies and 2 types of dessert (apple pie & home-made cheesecake). I don’t know about anyone else but this is a full-on meal in my book & I took advantage of all that was on offer.

Now to the heading of this post :
It appears that over this one weekend (starting on Friday afternoon & ending on Sunday) that I have packed on just over 3 kilos & then in one evening I have lost 1.5kg
I know, pretty phenomenal huh. That’s what happens when you have 6 meals in a row with meat as the main ingredient.
What I wonder is how long it will take to get off that extra 1-2 kilo’s to get me back under 90kgs? Anyone care to guess?

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