February 2011 archive

Now I’ve done it

Now I’ve done it. Really done it.

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Man Flu

Got the man-flu for the last 36 hrs or so. I gotta say that it sucks & I’m worried it may cause permanent injury. Because I am awesome (& humble) it probably won’t kill me. But it has caused issues with me playing my FPS games at night.

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Practical Apps

After upgrading to an iPhone4 I started installing some apps, of which I have about 100 so far. This got me thinking as to what I need (or hope to not need). So far on my list (in no particular order) 1) First Aid by St John’s Ambulance Service. I hope to never use this …

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Coding and other stuff

I was working on a website I look after a bit which has a pretty cool Joomla component/module in it PreachIt. This module appeared to have a simple error where it doubled up a small piece of code that called the module.

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Floods, Insurance & Property investors.

Today I read a post from Neil Jenman. Unfortunately I have to disagree with some of the idea’s which he seems to advocate. I agree with helping out mates & think there is a lot that we can do to help people but unfortunately I don’t agree with some of his statements.

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