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Why I’ll (maybe) switch back to Linux soon

So for those who know me, they know I like Linux. Not just because it’s cool (it is) but because I find it user friendly. Yes seriously, I find Linux easier to use.
I never thought that it would be true when I first started using Linux all those years ago. I swear it was about 20 years ago (jeez I’m getting old) that I first installed Mandrake Linux because it was the first one I could get all the way through the install process.

Today I’ve been using Windows as my daily driver for almost a year due to the pandemic and work requirements which made it easier to just install Windows and install their crap software.

Here I was tootling around trying to do some work on a Sunday. I have the “Terminal” app open with Powershell and I’ve spent some time getting used to it, sometimes being suprised that a linux command is aliased (like ls = Get-ChildItem) when I went to do a simple check of the size of some files I’d downloaded. Hmm… how can I get simething like an ls -lh.

Quick test of it… no joy. Yeah – why would Windows allow us to continue the craze and use our commands.
Hmmm Get-Help Get-ChildItem

Get=-Help Get-ChildItem terminal output
Get=-Help Get-ChildItem terminal output

What is this malarky?
Nothing in there looks like a size switch or option… hmmm … DuckDuckGo what have you got?

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Gotta be quick

I’m writing this on my phone (in the WP app).

Not my new phone as that hadn’t arrived yet. In fact my new one was only released from the local supplier over the weekend. (This was originally written in April 2020.)

I ordered it pre-release, but not as far earlier as you may think. I ordered it on the 16th April and it was supposed to be available on the 18th.

But here’s the kicker.

I got it cheaper than those buying as of now – 2 days later, who supposedly get a free set of wireless earbuds (which by the way I still received).

And I’m not talking $5 here. Or even $20.

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What have I done?

Recently I got a little annoyed at myself for being unfit (aka fat) and not knowing how to get out of ‘it’. The rut, the slump, the low point of knowing you need to do something and having given it a go but falling off. You know the ‘it’. We all know that feeling.

I thought to myself

  • Can I get fit?
  • How do I get fit?
  • How do I lose weight?
  • What do I have to do?

My answer was simple – do something. ANYTHING!
So my first thought was swimming because I live at the beach.
Then I thought about running.

Then I knew what I wanted to do – in fact it was something I’ve wanted to do for ages.


The last time I competed in one of these was the only time and I think I was 16 or 17 years old.
I crossed the finish line and I threw up.
Yet I felt pretty awesome … eventually.

So I’ve signed up to go to the Long Course Weekend at Jervis Bay (

It’s 100 days away so time to get training.

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Speaking engagements

I have been asked to speak at another engagement at a Master Class on the northern beaches about IT planning for small business. So far the schedule is a little hazy for me and I am just working out what the topic’s I will specifically be talking about.

Whilst speaking time is always the constraint. There is so much information that the attendees are hoping for combined with the area’s that I as a speaker think it important. Last time I was a little surprised at the way time flew plus unfortunately it got a little constrained due to the way speaking within a range of speakers has a tendency to produce inefficiency.

These sorts of issues has made me think a little differently about ways to make sure that participants get what they want. What’s my big plan? To make it a little more democratic of course!
I plan to offer the attendee’s a number of topics and they can rank them in order of importance to them rather than me arbitrarily assigning some form of importance to each topic or just following a standard procedure of start->finish / beginning->end style talk.

This got me thinking about the way current talks take users on a journey and how the best talks I have seen always end up taking a different route. They use case-studies and examples but they also do things like get attendee participation.

That, to me anyway, is how a small business owner needs to be talked to. Not taken to school.

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