Gotta be quick

I’m writing this on my phone (in the WP app).

Not my new phone as that hadn’t arrived yet. In fact my new one was only released from the local supplier over the weekend. (This was originally written in April 2020.)

I ordered it pre-release, but not as far earlier as you may think. I ordered it on the 16th April and it was supposed to be available on the 18th.

But here’s the kicker.

I got it cheaper than those buying as of now – 2 days later, who supposedly get a free set of wireless earbuds (which by the way I still received).

And I’m not talking $5 here. Or even $20.

I’m talking $300. Now that’s a lot for free headphones.

Sure I’m not getting them but I’ve got free headphones. I already own some.

How did I do this? I bought them.

Oh the phone?

I was lucky. Seriously lucky.

I was keeping an eye on the site and was almost ready to buy the old new one. You know, the one that came out 6 months ago and is still great but not quite as great as the one they announced a week after you could actually buy the one I was looking at. Because there is always a new one just about to be released.

Well my wife got sick of me fighting with my phone to charge every night. Apparently the screen lighting up half a dozen times telling me it’s fast charging and then going off again was disturbing her while she was getting ready to go to sleep. That and my grumbling. She also said we’d had last drinks called a while ago and the disco’s shut in the 80’s.

Or maybe she didn’t. I was tired and wanted to sleep but my phone wouldn’t charge.

Anyway, she told me to just buy a new one as she knows I’ve been looking at them.

Then came the obligatory talk about the different options and pricing available. It wasn’t a long one but it was spread over a few days and in that time the new new one was put on the website with a price.

It was more than my original budget but still cheaper than the equivalent top end Samsung or even OnePlus for that matter.

She asked a few questions, cut through the crap and said ‘It sounds like you want this one and it’s pretty good. Just buy it!’

So I did. And yesterday it arrived.

It’s a lovely phone, with a great screen and all the latest hotness.

  • 5G
  • Snapdragon 865
  • 90hz screen
  • 8GB ram
  • 256GB storage
  • 104MP camera with 8K video
  • Liquid cooling
  • Stereo speakers (who knew that would be a thing again?)

Anyway. That’s it. I got it cheaper because I jumped at the right time, which is also when my wife said to. Lucky me.

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What have I done?

Recently I got a little annoyed at myself for being unfit (aka fat) and not knowing how to get out of ‘it’. The rut, the slump, the low point of knowing you need to do something and having given it a go but falling off. You know the ‘it’. We all know that feeling.

I thought to myself

  • Can I get fit?
  • How do I get fit?
  • How do I lose weight?
  • What do I have to do?

My answer was simple – do something. ANYTHING!
So my first thought was swimming because I live at the beach.
Then I thought about running.

Then I knew what I wanted to do – in fact it was something I’ve wanted to do for ages.


The last time I competed in one of these was the only time and I think I was 16 or 17 years old.
I crossed the finish line and I threw up.
Yet I felt pretty awesome … eventually.


So I’ve signed up to go to the Long Course Weekend at Jervis Bay (

It’s 100 days away so time to get training.


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Speaking engagements

I have been asked to speak at another engagement at a Master Class on the northern beaches about IT planning for small business. So far the schedule is a little hazy for me and I am just working out what the topic’s I will specifically be talking about.

Whilst speaking time is always the constraint. There is so much information that the attendees are hoping for combined with the area’s that I as a speaker think it important. Last time I was a little surprised at the way time flew plus unfortunately it got a little constrained due to the way speaking within a range of speakers has a tendency to produce inefficiency.

These sorts of issues has made me think a little differently about ways to make sure that participants get what they want. What’s my big plan? To make it a little more democratic of course!
I plan to offer the attendee’s a number of topics and they can rank them in order of importance to them rather than me arbitrarily assigning some form of importance to each topic or just following a standard procedure of start->finish / beginning->end style talk.

This got me thinking about the way current talks take users on a journey and how the best talks I have seen always end up taking a different route. They use case-studies and examples but they also do things like get attendee participation.

That, to me anyway, is how a small business owner needs to be talked to. Not taken to school.

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First interview by podcaster

There is a first time for everything, and tonight was my first time being interviewed for a podcast. Yep – I am not a virgin interviewee anymore, unless you count job interviews (and I haven’t had one of those for about 5 years with my last serious one being about 10 years ago). Please allow me to digress a moment.

My last “job interview” was for a bar job because I wanted to get out of the house a bit more and a friend of a friend told me that there was a job going at a pretty cool place near Rose Bay (in Sydney Australia near Bondi). Working a lot with computers, IT and the internet makes you a bit insulated if you aren’t careful. It finally hit a peak when I went to the corner store in my boxers and Ugg boots.
The store lady, who knew me quite well at that point, suggested I get fully dressed before venturing out again. At that point it occurred to me to get a job outside of the house for just a few hours a week to keep me sane.

Back to the main event.
Tonight I was interviewed for a writer friend of mine, Rob Farquhar, who works for the Cairns Post (in Cairns… who’d have guessed) and writes sometimes on PunchOnAustralia as well as his own blog. I listen to some podcasts, which is what this interview is going to be diced and spliced for (aka edited) and I found it to be a very fun and interesting activity to be involved in.

There is a certain amount of skill I believe that is required to be an interviewer and Rob definitely did well with this.  There was good little outline of about 5 points which I think worked well. It was open enough to allow some digression and free-form discussion whilst also providing a modicum of direction. In the podcasts I listen too this is far more my preferred style than a carefully crafted interview and to me is one of the reasons people like David Letterman and others in his ilk (eg. Rove McManus) have done so well.

I have always always wanted to do more with the podcasting genre, especially with some that are more controversial or even left-field in nature. So it got me thinking about doing some more speaking myself including podcasting. Last year I did a talk on Northern Beaches of Sydney for a Small Business Masters Series discussing the use of the internet for businesses including such things as websites, SEO, cloud computing and other things. It was a large topic without too much time really devoted to it, which was a little disappointing for me as well as some of the people who attended. I could have talked for about thrice the time that I did.

This got me thinking, which can be dangerous for those that know me.

What about doing a speaking series, discussing the points I both know about (handy that… huh?) as well as area’s that businesses currently seem to want to know about? That is what I would call a good match.
So, based on the e-book I have written, combined with previous discussions with both clients and friends and market requirements I will be starting to put together a speaking series.
I also would like to get more of a podcasting profile going, but may need to meditate on this a little more until I have some clear idea as to where and what I can talk about, plus it may be an idea to have more than one person on the podcast. As much as I like the sound of my own voice I am sure that others may not, and really that is who this is for.

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Are you keeping up? Does the cloud work for you?

Over the years the subscription model has been very popular and pushed more & more by businesses. It all started with software manufacturers and was turned into a super-model by Bill Gates with his Microsoft Windows and other assorted software.

Now with “cloud” based services coming online & easier to use by the mainstream there is even more subscription services coming online every day. My latest favourite is a FREE (as in beer) model which works on an unusual affiliation/advertising model. The company is Wave Accounting and they offer their product for free but have some small amount of advertising on their page with offers that are suitable for small businesses.

It is a unique model, used successfully for a lot of other services but this is the first time I have seen a “premium” style service (accounting software) utilise this model.

Having currently looked at a number of different software for accounting, including

  • XERO which I currently have an account on but will probably be cancelling shortly;
  • FreshBooks which integrated beautifully with both systems but I found works better with Wave (funnily enough a free service appears to be better with this than a paid service) & has a great API system;
  • Saasu which I will re-look at shortly but will probably not use due to it being quite large & I like the KISS method myself.

Overall I find that there is so many different systems out there that there is much research to be done. I went with one based on what I heard from others but now may be changing shortly.

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