Hoax emails & using BCC

Have you received those emails about how to beat cancer, or how “Muffy” the dog needs you to send an email on so that it will save her owner from dropping into the jaws of death… blah blah. You know what I mean …THOSE emails.

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You know it was a great weekend when ….

You know it was a great weekend when you…

  1. Drink champagne overlooking Sydney Harbour with friends
  2. Lose a phone
  3. Win some money
  4. Have breakfast at “City Extra”
  5. Watch the sun rise from a cab ride home
  6. Get pizza for lunch & other junk for later
  7. Get a new phone
  8. Go for a drive
  9. Have a lovely picnic
  10. Have a fantastic Japanese tepan-yaki meal
  11. Get to bed before 11pm ready for Monday
  12. Wake up refreshed & take the dog for a walk before starting the week!


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Breakfast @ Manly

Went down to Manly with my wife & a good mate.

my mateThe plan was to have a bite to eat & drink a coffee or 2 at the Pantry Manly then go for a ride to Narrabeen. The idea was two-fold, check out his new bike (2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650)  & to get some sausages from a darn good butcher.

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Almost iPad time..

So here is some pics

The crowd.


Closing up so they can get mine ready.


He’s hiding something! 20110325-032050.jpg

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iPads & Shopping

Shopping is such a funny thing to do. We paw and slobber over stuff that we think we want and need.
Well today I am waiting in line for an iPad. Waiting for something I promised myself on my birthday in January.
Do I need it? Probably not although I tell myself I do for any number of reasons including :
It will help me develop / test apps & my favorite justification – so my wife doesn’t use my laptop all the time.

That one is semi-legit (I feel) because that laptop has a lot of work for clients and school and I don’t want it damaged.
There I go with the justification again.

Anyway, I’ve been in line about 2.5 hrs so far

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