Syncing multiple calendars including Facebook & Google

Like a lot of other people I have multiple places where events & calendars are getting stored. What about you Рdo you have Facebook, Google & maybe a third or fourth calendar location such your work or home calendar program?  FYI РI use iCal on my Mac.

Have you ever wondered how to sync events from Facebook with other systems… eg. your calender program or with Google Calendar.I did & it took me a little while but eventually I made Facebook link to Google Calendar & Google Calendar is used in my iCal program. (I could have linked my Facebook Events directly into the program.)

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Open source can mean business!

So far there is (and I suspect always will be) a tussle between open source “software” and proprietary. The common themes are

  • Which is better?
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of X?
  • Which one costs more?
  • Which should I use? Why?
  • Which should I not use? Why not?
  • etc

The big question I get a lot is “Why should I care?”

Good questions all of them but my favourite is most definitely the last one.

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Big bad beautiful baby

Recently I picked up a new car… a super sexy gas guzzling machine from the US of A. I figured it’s my little way of saying “Thank you” for making my money worth more in their country & other locations that take the US dollar (eg. South East & Central Asia). Fuel consumption sticker for Jeep Cherokee

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City life

I just heard a passer-bye say “I hate the city more than I hate muggacino’s” then a guy assaulted a car! Nuff said

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BBQ & beer bellies.

I took the wife & dog up to the Blue Mountains over the weekend to hang with a mate for his birthday, along with 10 or so other people he had invited.

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