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Jan 12

Syncing multiple calendars including Facebook & Google

Facebook Events

Like a lot of other people I have multiple places where events & calendars are getting stored. What about you – do you have Facebook, Google & maybe a third or fourth calendar location such your work or home calendar program?  FYI – I use iCal on my Mac. Have you ever wondered how to …

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Aug 03

Open source can mean business!

So far there is (and I suspect always will be) a tussle between open source “software” and proprietary. The common themes are Which is better? What are the advantages / disadvantages of X? Which one costs more? Which should I use? Why? Which should I not use? Why not? etc The big question I get …

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Aug 02

Big bad beautiful baby

Black Cherokee 70th Anniversary Limited

Recently I picked up a new car… a super sexy gas guzzling machine from the US of A. I figured it’s my little way of saying “Thank you” for making my money worth more in their country & other locations that take the US dollar (eg. South East & Central Asia).

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Jun 12

City life

I just heard a passer-bye say “I hate the city more than I hate muggacino’s” then a guy assaulted a car! Nuff said

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Apr 18

BBQ & beer bellies.

I took the wife & dog up to the Blue Mountains over the weekend to hang with a mate for his birthday, along with 10 or so other people he had invited.

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